Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ze First Blog ^_^


Ahhhh, my very first blog. Never thought i'd see the day when i started blogging haha! Never quite understood it to be honest but i guess i shouldnt knock it before i try it. I guess it will be a nice place (other then facebook) to just talk about random things, it could come in handy when i want to vent aswell :) I wish i had this yesterday afternoon thats for sure i had one of those "i hate everybody" days, which i do get actually quite often to be honest :O ahh the joys of retail, you may know ur job well and yet the customers still believe they know more! I really have mastered the wonderful art of "Smiling and Nodding".

Anyways im sure i have no one reading this lol but that doesnt matter, i guess being my first blog i should introduce myself :) Im Claudia *waves* Im happily married to the man of my dreams, I love my family and friends and i guess I like to think im a photographer but i work to much to even lift up my beautiful camera :( i suppose i wanted to become a photographer so i can capture everyones wonderful moments into still images they can keep forever, nothing is more amazing then capturing those smiles, laughs and memories for someone, hopefully i will start again soon :)

Well i guess this is it for me atm, i hope my next blog will be something abit more fun then boring haha

ze Claudi-NATORRRR