Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 2 & 3: Life Can Be So Hard

Olá, tudo bem?

(Learning Portuguese ATM to make my mum and grandma proud of me LOL)

So yes Life Can Be So Hard....Im sure most of you will agree. Nothing is easy, got to make so many sacrifices to get places...Got to work non-stop...I guess we all do this so that one day, just one day we can live a stress free-happy-ish life. But i just wish it just wasnt this hard. I know i have it so much better then so many people in the world. I have a car, roof over my head, food in my fridge i know that! and im very greatful.

Last night my husband and i got into a lil thingo over the phone! I guess its harder bcoz i cant see facials or emotions all i get is the voice over the phone uno? so i was (as usual) asking him long are we gonna be in this situation for? are we ever gonna get out? are we going to still be there 5 yrs from now with 2 kids living in bunkbeds in the corner of our room haha of course it esculated to a mini fight, but i knew i was just hounding him for some sort of closure! but he just didnt know...we are in a "We Dont Know" world, where we literally dont know what will happen, where we will be, what we will be doing, how we will be doing. I guess im jealous of everyone! Im jealous of couples whether they are renting or have their own on their own! living under their own rules...not everyone elses! Thats what we are....we dont get a say in things, we have no room. It comes to a point that when we (one day) do get our own joint...that we will be living as far away from these people as possible. Yes its sad, but i think we want to be far enough that they cant just spring up on us whenever they want, they will have to call before they come hahaha! we want freedom...FREEDOM!

Anyways, i havent had a very good week. Dont know whats wrong with me but the littlest of things bug me, been one of those months hahaha! This sunday my boss is taking us guys from work to Tangalooma on his boat! we are going snorkelling, so i think that will end my week well! And also my BABY is coming back FOREVER next thursday! So i guess from then on, everything will be ok...bcoz ill have him back! :)

Anyways enough from me today.

Happy Friday


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 1: Deactivation

DAY 1: Deactivation


So last night i had enough! i had enough of the chocolate i was eating when i was "supposed to be on a diet". I had enough of friends, i had enough of family, had enough of myself. So this morning i woke up, came to work checked out facebook and

Deactivated It.

Why? Well it really takes up all my time haha plus i wanted to escape a lil bit from certain people! and uno its such a distraction! it probs wont last long but i was proud of myself to just do it! haha my husband thought i wouldnt do it! and then when i did he was like "you wont last a day". Challenge Accepted! 4.40hrs and counting!

I feel empty, which is so sad but uno what? as i sit here eating my "healthy" bean and tuna salad! I will have no excuse when i get home to run downstairs to my gym and do something! and while im at it, hide the chocolate all the wonderful people gave me for my birthday! haha im not happy with myself, i feel as if im falling down a very long and dark hole to "unhealthiness" and not fitting into clothes, refusing to go shopping for new ones bcoz u break down crying at "the size you have to buy now", refusing to meet up with people bcoz ur thinking about what they think of u
...enoughs enough CLAUDIA HANSEN! ENOUGH! stop making excuses...its low! and stupid! you wont go anywhere if you dont take a step.

So goodbye Facebook for a day or so hahaha! bring on super duper slim, healthy, determined and happy claudia.

i miss you

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Ok Ok, Its been a while my followers, i do apoligize but i just have the same excuse again, work, work and more work! All my hard work has paid off i finally tho i got a pay rise which i am sooo soo HAPPY ABOUT! anyways back to why im

Today i took my lovely mother out for sushi and a movie! I dont do it often bcoz i feel as if i dont have enough time but you know what? we deserve it! We watched Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie "I Dont Know How She Does It". I actually really enjoyed it! I sat there thinking to myself...How does she do it? How can people do this? how hard would it be? I respect and take my hat off to every woman who is succesful  in their career and at home. I was in my own world driving home aswell thinking to myself  WOW when you think about it, we all juggle our lives!

I work 8-5 monday to friday 8-12 on a Saturday...Add on 30-45 mins of travel every morning and every afternoon to get to and from work. that leaves me what? 3 hrs each day which i do house cleaning, washing, cooking, preping for lunch, talking to my husband on the other side of QLD, Facebooking and catching up with friends and family! But uno compared to others this really is nothing uno i dont have children or anything! I guess im very surprised at myself for even doing this. Ive always been this very calm and laidback person that never thought id be a housewife haha! i really thought id be living at my parents house still at my age lol its funny when you grow up you think yoru going be here or there...doing this or doing that! But it never happens LOL

Anyways so Kate in "I Dont Know How She Does It" ..she was a very succesful business woman with two kids, she had to be a mother, a wife, she travelled all the time for work. Its amazing! Hat off to her (even tho its a movie) but im sure there are heaps of mothers like this. And maybe one day everything will turn out ok for me :) Having a career and a family i think are both important! But uno at the start of the movie she was all CAREER CAREER but at the end she realized that its all about the balance between the two. I think thats what is important about life...BALANCE! Without balance you fall.

So as people may know i do watch a couple shows, once i finish a series i try find a new one and at the moment im hooked on a show called"Parenthood". Its great! i guess i started watching it bcoz it has Lauren Graham in it and as most people know she was Loralai in "GILMORE GIRLS" which i absolutely LOVE LOL Its just about a 4 siblings who all have different lives and family situations. Adam, the successful business owner with a wife at home...a Daughter who is rebelling at 15 and a son who as aspergers, i dont know how many times ive cried at the struggle theyve had with max who as Aspergers (lol im a softy). Sarah who married a drug/alcoholic and had to kids...a daughter who is a rebel and a shy son, they ahd to move back to her parents house because she couldnt afford anything. Crosby (my fav haha) he is a studio recordest who is fun, vibrant and only found out he has a 5 yr old son. And Julia who is a sucessful career woman who works while her husband is the stay at home dad. I guess the movie we watched reminded me of Julie from Parenthood a lil. Shes trying to juggle the career and the family but struggles a bit. But uno even tho the movie and the tv show is really not could be! im sure whats happening with these families are happening to someone around the world.
I guess the movie inspired me a lil and im kinda probably not even making any sense but ahhhh welll what are blogs for?? haha LOL  Anyways im gonna enjoy the rest of my coffee and help prep for the lovely Sunday Roast my parents are cooking.

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday


Sunday, 2 October 2011

2nd of October

This time last year it was pouring down rain as i looked outside my hotel room patiently awaiting for 2pm when my limo was going to pick me up! i had every single one of my family and friends here in Brisbane all in the one building! That will never ever happen again....weddings are amazing! everyone who means the most to you is there in honor of you to celebrate one of the biggest days of your lives!!! A year ago i married my best friend, my soul mate, my dream come true. It went by so fast! And as each day that has gone past ive loved him more and more! I always think to myself..."How Did I Manage To Get Him???" there is so many ladies out there waiting for their Mr. Right and at age 19 i married mine. Ive never been able to be myself with just anyone but with him i am! He makes me a better person even though we are apart today, Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be from now.

Until the end of time i will always love you William Hansen ♥

Monday, 26 September 2011

sorry bout my M.I.A saga lol


Soo i have been missing in action for a very long time haha i guess i do have a couple excuses...ive been really busy with work, husband being away for work and general life issues that just makes me not want to do anything but just come home from work, sit on the couch and become a TV series watching JUNKEE! and then i go to bed. Nothing else has really interested me i guess ive just been off with the fairies in my own lil world! But im not going to have a winge todayy bcoz ive had enough of those days soo today im just gonna randomly babble on haha 

SOO William and I will be celebrating our  1 yr wedding anniversary in 5 days which is a VERY BIG DEAL! I really cant believe that this yr has flown by so fast! i remember the stress attacks and the excitement i had leading to our big day! it feels like yesterday it happened, i would love to have that day back! i would do it all again over and over again! but unfortunetly William got a new job out in Mt Isa as a Diamond Driller working in the mines and bcoz he has only just started he cant request dates off, so you have guessed it....for my 1 yr wedding anniversary i will be all alone :( but even tho it will be hard i just have to think...the sacrfice we are doing now will benefit whatever we want to do in the future. For Will and i all we want is to get our own house and live on our own as a "Real Married Couple" should do...circumstances at this moment cant allow us to live out on our own! But we will! we are very determined people and if we want something bad we will work sooo very hard for it!!!! And i tell you now William and I work VERY HARD! maybe a lil too hard for my liking hahahaha! its hard to really only have 1 day off a week :( but what can you do??? we have to work!!! and i guess we are working hard now bcoz one dayy yes i would LOVE to have children and when that day comes, i will be a stay at home mum! Im not a fan of leaving your new born child in childcare, i say this bcoz my mum works in childcare and for her...she really is bringing up these kids not their parents! But everyone'z circumstances are different, i just know when my time comes to become a parent i want to be hands on :) and when they are old enough to talk i will send them to childcare soooo at least if something happens they can tell me haha

anywayzzz enough of that! Since i have been venturing out in this world by myself lately i have turned to music for guidance and strength and it also fills in my time. My best friend atm is my acoustic guitar who i call Ashton LMFAO! Im definely a muso! ive done music since grade 5....i guess if i really wanted to i could learn any instrument, for some reason i pick up on it really quick! ive been playing trumpet since grade 5 played through ALL of HIGH SCHOOL! was in the Big Band and also Stage Band which was an all Brass band (kinda like jazz) i was in the choir aswell hahaha ahhh! let me just say High School was Very FULL ON lol i also was in the Music Major Class which i excelled in and even to this day my old music teacher uses my music as an example on what students should do (my brother is in her class hahaha) Im my own teacher i HATE someone teaching me something id rather do it own my own, ive taught myself how to play piano and guitar! And to be honest i find it so much more rewarding to know what i can do today is because i made the effort to do it myself!!! I often wonder what my life would be like if i went down the road of a music career or studied something in music, i wish i did sometimes bcoz i love it so much! But i chose the path of photography which is my passion aswell, maybe i should merge the two things i love and maybe photograph muscians hahaha! i wonder if Beyonce would kindly accept as being my first client?????
haha i better Keep Dreaming ;)

anyways as Charlie Chaplin would say

"You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
if you just SMILE"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rest In Peace

I woke up this morning to horribal devasting news of a housefire in Kingston! where 11 people lost their lives in one of Queenlands Deadliest Fires. Even though I didn't know either of the families, this tragedy has touched me so deeply. I could not begin to comprehend the amount of pain their loved ones would be going though right now. 

In my culture if something of great devastion happens, we pray! so if you are religious or not...please bow your head and say this prayer.

Dear Lord, Embrace those who have been tragically taken from their loved ones, welcome them with open arms, with love in your heart ♥ As they now embark on a new journey in heaven. Make your presence felt & help those that have been left behind, help them to overcome their grief & heartache; to mourn for their loved ones lost, but to also celebrate the life they were blessed to share ♥ - Amen

Today, there are 11 new angels lining outside the gates of Heaven.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Super Powerss


SOOOOO i was watching foxtel at my folks house (i dont have it at my house wahhhh) and as you do, i flicked over to the disney channel (im such a child) and to my great excitment the INCREDIABLES was a big sucker for animations and superheroes! And then when i got home that night there was a show called "No Ordinary Family"...Coincence or not! a movie and a tv show about super powerss! i thought to myself its a SIGN!!! but yeh no, i dont have super powers *tear*...Believe me i have thought about what my life would be like as a "Super Hero" or to have any sort of ability.
So as most of you would know, when it comes to superheroes they are just AWESOME!!! Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, Iron Man and the list just doesnt end really.  I guess i go week at the knees for Superman tho...especially the guy who played him in the latest movie...YUM! Theres just something about a strong, flying man in tights haha i always ask william to dress up as Superman at dress up parties...he always refuses! maybe it is the tights?? and bcoz he doesnt have blue eyes *sad face* LOL LOL

& then theres The Incrediables, well  what can i say??? they are a family of superheroes! The mum is super flexable, the dad is super strong, the daughter has forcefields and can go invisable, one son is super fast and lil jackjack can transform into anything. I could watch this movie over and over again! If i could choose i would be the invisable one with forcefields bahaha! i have alot of things running thru my head atm of what i could do if i had them!!! *evil laugh*

 But this new show..."No Ordinary Family" is actually pretty similar to the Incrediables just that its not cartoons...The mum is super fast, heals fast and fast metaboilism...the dad of course is super strong and can catch bullets (WOW) the daughter can read minds, and manipulate their thoughts and also see what they have seen by one touch (scary lol) and the son has a super brain which is totally cool! Im really loving it at the momentt!!! If i could choose i would totz be the mum!! fast speed and metabalism, i need that right now!! lol

So your probably thinkin WHYY THE EFFF! is this chickk talking about super powers...1. I love them 2.why the hell not and 3. well william just got a new job that requires him to leave me all by myself at home for 2 weeks sooo i guess i wish i had super powers that could either allow me to fly or run super fast, so i could see him whenever i want...Truth is! MOVIES, TV SHOWS and COMIC BOOKS suck!!!! You sit there as if the tv show or movie in front of u is actually a overview of a real family or person who can/or cannot to super human things! BOOO! fake merchandising hahaha! Now im gonna go try and buy me a Super Cool 3 world pass to MOVIEWORLD!! so i can feel as if im superman, with the superman ride...Feel like Batman, on the batman ride OR even take photos with them so i feel special haha

anywayss enough from me today!
Lotsaa Love