Monday, 26 September 2011

sorry bout my M.I.A saga lol


Soo i have been missing in action for a very long time haha i guess i do have a couple excuses...ive been really busy with work, husband being away for work and general life issues that just makes me not want to do anything but just come home from work, sit on the couch and become a TV series watching JUNKEE! and then i go to bed. Nothing else has really interested me i guess ive just been off with the fairies in my own lil world! But im not going to have a winge todayy bcoz ive had enough of those days soo today im just gonna randomly babble on haha 

SOO William and I will be celebrating our  1 yr wedding anniversary in 5 days which is a VERY BIG DEAL! I really cant believe that this yr has flown by so fast! i remember the stress attacks and the excitement i had leading to our big day! it feels like yesterday it happened, i would love to have that day back! i would do it all again over and over again! but unfortunetly William got a new job out in Mt Isa as a Diamond Driller working in the mines and bcoz he has only just started he cant request dates off, so you have guessed it....for my 1 yr wedding anniversary i will be all alone :( but even tho it will be hard i just have to think...the sacrfice we are doing now will benefit whatever we want to do in the future. For Will and i all we want is to get our own house and live on our own as a "Real Married Couple" should do...circumstances at this moment cant allow us to live out on our own! But we will! we are very determined people and if we want something bad we will work sooo very hard for it!!!! And i tell you now William and I work VERY HARD! maybe a lil too hard for my liking hahahaha! its hard to really only have 1 day off a week :( but what can you do??? we have to work!!! and i guess we are working hard now bcoz one dayy yes i would LOVE to have children and when that day comes, i will be a stay at home mum! Im not a fan of leaving your new born child in childcare, i say this bcoz my mum works in childcare and for her...she really is bringing up these kids not their parents! But everyone'z circumstances are different, i just know when my time comes to become a parent i want to be hands on :) and when they are old enough to talk i will send them to childcare soooo at least if something happens they can tell me haha

anywayzzz enough of that! Since i have been venturing out in this world by myself lately i have turned to music for guidance and strength and it also fills in my time. My best friend atm is my acoustic guitar who i call Ashton LMFAO! Im definely a muso! ive done music since grade 5....i guess if i really wanted to i could learn any instrument, for some reason i pick up on it really quick! ive been playing trumpet since grade 5 played through ALL of HIGH SCHOOL! was in the Big Band and also Stage Band which was an all Brass band (kinda like jazz) i was in the choir aswell hahaha ahhh! let me just say High School was Very FULL ON lol i also was in the Music Major Class which i excelled in and even to this day my old music teacher uses my music as an example on what students should do (my brother is in her class hahaha) Im my own teacher i HATE someone teaching me something id rather do it own my own, ive taught myself how to play piano and guitar! And to be honest i find it so much more rewarding to know what i can do today is because i made the effort to do it myself!!! I often wonder what my life would be like if i went down the road of a music career or studied something in music, i wish i did sometimes bcoz i love it so much! But i chose the path of photography which is my passion aswell, maybe i should merge the two things i love and maybe photograph muscians hahaha! i wonder if Beyonce would kindly accept as being my first client?????
haha i better Keep Dreaming ;)

anyways as Charlie Chaplin would say

"You'll find that life is still worthwhile,
if you just SMILE"

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  1. Love the idea of blending the two!.

    I never knew all that about you!.
    What a very talented individual you are!.

    I wish I was musically gifted.