Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rest In Peace

I woke up this morning to horribal devasting news of a housefire in Kingston! where 11 people lost their lives in one of Queenlands Deadliest Fires. Even though I didn't know either of the families, this tragedy has touched me so deeply. I could not begin to comprehend the amount of pain their loved ones would be going though right now. 

In my culture if something of great devastion happens, we pray! so if you are religious or not...please bow your head and say this prayer.

Dear Lord, Embrace those who have been tragically taken from their loved ones, welcome them with open arms, with love in your heart ♥ As they now embark on a new journey in heaven. Make your presence felt & help those that have been left behind, help them to overcome their grief & heartache; to mourn for their loved ones lost, but to also celebrate the life they were blessed to share ♥ - Amen

Today, there are 11 new angels lining outside the gates of Heaven.

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  1. loved your post!. it really is a beautiful tribute. thank you for sharing. i loved it. and re-posted it too (on fb).