Thursday, 18 August 2011

Super Powerss


SOOOOO i was watching foxtel at my folks house (i dont have it at my house wahhhh) and as you do, i flicked over to the disney channel (im such a child) and to my great excitment the INCREDIABLES was a big sucker for animations and superheroes! And then when i got home that night there was a show called "No Ordinary Family"...Coincence or not! a movie and a tv show about super powerss! i thought to myself its a SIGN!!! but yeh no, i dont have super powers *tear*...Believe me i have thought about what my life would be like as a "Super Hero" or to have any sort of ability.
So as most of you would know, when it comes to superheroes they are just AWESOME!!! Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Batman, Iron Man and the list just doesnt end really.  I guess i go week at the knees for Superman tho...especially the guy who played him in the latest movie...YUM! Theres just something about a strong, flying man in tights haha i always ask william to dress up as Superman at dress up parties...he always refuses! maybe it is the tights?? and bcoz he doesnt have blue eyes *sad face* LOL LOL

& then theres The Incrediables, well  what can i say??? they are a family of superheroes! The mum is super flexable, the dad is super strong, the daughter has forcefields and can go invisable, one son is super fast and lil jackjack can transform into anything. I could watch this movie over and over again! If i could choose i would be the invisable one with forcefields bahaha! i have alot of things running thru my head atm of what i could do if i had them!!! *evil laugh*

 But this new show..."No Ordinary Family" is actually pretty similar to the Incrediables just that its not cartoons...The mum is super fast, heals fast and fast metaboilism...the dad of course is super strong and can catch bullets (WOW) the daughter can read minds, and manipulate their thoughts and also see what they have seen by one touch (scary lol) and the son has a super brain which is totally cool! Im really loving it at the momentt!!! If i could choose i would totz be the mum!! fast speed and metabalism, i need that right now!! lol

So your probably thinkin WHYY THE EFFF! is this chickk talking about super powers...1. I love them 2.why the hell not and 3. well william just got a new job that requires him to leave me all by myself at home for 2 weeks sooo i guess i wish i had super powers that could either allow me to fly or run super fast, so i could see him whenever i want...Truth is! MOVIES, TV SHOWS and COMIC BOOKS suck!!!! You sit there as if the tv show or movie in front of u is actually a overview of a real family or person who can/or cannot to super human things! BOOO! fake merchandising hahaha! Now im gonna go try and buy me a Super Cool 3 world pass to MOVIEWORLD!! so i can feel as if im superman, with the superman ride...Feel like Batman, on the batman ride OR even take photos with them so i feel special haha

anywayss enough from me today!
Lotsaa Love


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  2. just thought i would stop by and re-read your blog post! and i must admit the second time around is just as funny and interesting and cool as the first time!. so after reading your blog post for a second time i decided i would write a more lengthy comment and one that was better than the first. hence why it was 'removed by the author'. lol well back to why i am here. lol novel yes!. just wanted to start things off by saying 1) i now want to watch 'no ordinary family'! 2) one day i will have to come to one of your infamous 'dress up party's' (i see all the albums on fb) and 3)hope that you keep up the 'super' attitude about Will's new job! i know it will be challenging and hard at times but i just know from reading your post - that you will be able to put on your super powers and make it all work. anyhow - that's it from me. my novel ends here. j

  3. hahaha! i was wondering why you deleted iT! i appreiciate the 2nd trip back :):) ahh YES!! you have to come!!!! you and your mr should come to my 21st in november :):) i dont think itll be a dress up tho but maybe a cocktail/masquarade ball :):) thank you for your kind words, i appreciate it xx

  4. :) yay for the cocktail/masquerade ball theme - i've never been to one!

  5. ME EITHER :O bahahaha! cocktail/masquerade virgins!!!!!!!!! well we better make it good :):) i swear to goshh you guys better come...photobooth together?? lol

  6. and it went off with a bang!. glad to have shared your celebrations!