Sunday, 14 August 2011

Opposites Attract!

If you need to make your torch work, well you have to put the Negative with the Positive which makes a spark and BAMMM the lighbulb workss! This is kind of my relationship. William and I are well, two TOTALLY completely DIFFERENT PEOPLE! but together our spark ignites and we just work!

What i hear alot of people sayy is, do opposites really attract? 

Through my observations i think usually when it comes to personality, people seek partners with their same qualities but claim to want someone who is different or they may partially draw upon theories of romantic attraction rather than their true desires for a mate. I understand that, i guess before i met William i was looking for someone who has the same interests bcoz i thought that would work!

I Love RnB....He Loves Rock
Im not patient....He is
I Love watching Keeping Up With The Kardasians....He Loves Asian Cartoons
Id rather Cake....He rather a bucket of Fairy Floss
I get annoyed at people so easy....He is so Laid back, nothing bothers him
I love cuddles before bed....he is all claustrophobic on me at night lol

Ok the list could go WAY longer but its not the point. The point is i love how different we are, we are individuals! We have learnt to tolerate each others loves/hates! I hate it when he watches his Asian Cartoons (naruto,bleach) but he knows that and he watches it between 4pm-6pm when he is home and im still at work OR he puts headphones on so i dont hear it hahaha! In my car i have a CD specially for his music, so if he is driving and i see he is getting sick of my RnB i flick it over for him...sadly for me im actually taking a liking to it haha NOOO!

We work so well, because we make it work! He really does make me a better person for eg. when i see him all laid back and mellowed over a situation i think to myself...whyyy the EFF am i all worked up? and he isnt? lol so ive kind of mellowed down since ive been with him. But even though we are so different he never seizes to amaze me! William is probably the most nicest caring male ive ever met, and i consider myself extremely lucky to have even met him let alone marry him! Since ive been with him he has just made so much sacrifices to make our lives better.

1. He was in the army reserves when i met him....(he was so sexy in his army outfit lol) but he left, because he didnt ever want that chance that he might get sent away.
2. He travelled 90kms in a weekend (my mums house, to his) to just see me.
3. It was his best mates 21st and he stayed along side me instead because i had torn cartlidge in my ribcage.
4. Shortley after we got engaged he sold his beloved xr8 that he worked so hard to get, just so we can have abit extra money in our pockets to get ahead and also to pay for our wedding.
5. And now he is sarficing seeing his friends, family and me to work in the mines, so we can have a better future.

 I truley am the luckest girl in the world. And i will contiue to be for the rest of my life

so to answer my opposites really attract??? Yes, yes they do! each to their own of course...but i do truly believe in

Opposites Attract.


  1. Lovely blog post! he he he i knew you would write something great!. Oh and of course nice blog layout too!.