Sunday, 6 November 2011


Ok Ok, Its been a while my followers, i do apoligize but i just have the same excuse again, work, work and more work! All my hard work has paid off i finally tho i got a pay rise which i am sooo soo HAPPY ABOUT! anyways back to why im

Today i took my lovely mother out for sushi and a movie! I dont do it often bcoz i feel as if i dont have enough time but you know what? we deserve it! We watched Sarah Jessica Parker's new movie "I Dont Know How She Does It". I actually really enjoyed it! I sat there thinking to myself...How does she do it? How can people do this? how hard would it be? I respect and take my hat off to every woman who is succesful  in their career and at home. I was in my own world driving home aswell thinking to myself  WOW when you think about it, we all juggle our lives!

I work 8-5 monday to friday 8-12 on a Saturday...Add on 30-45 mins of travel every morning and every afternoon to get to and from work. that leaves me what? 3 hrs each day which i do house cleaning, washing, cooking, preping for lunch, talking to my husband on the other side of QLD, Facebooking and catching up with friends and family! But uno compared to others this really is nothing uno i dont have children or anything! I guess im very surprised at myself for even doing this. Ive always been this very calm and laidback person that never thought id be a housewife haha! i really thought id be living at my parents house still at my age lol its funny when you grow up you think yoru going be here or there...doing this or doing that! But it never happens LOL

Anyways so Kate in "I Dont Know How She Does It" ..she was a very succesful business woman with two kids, she had to be a mother, a wife, she travelled all the time for work. Its amazing! Hat off to her (even tho its a movie) but im sure there are heaps of mothers like this. And maybe one day everything will turn out ok for me :) Having a career and a family i think are both important! But uno at the start of the movie she was all CAREER CAREER but at the end she realized that its all about the balance between the two. I think thats what is important about life...BALANCE! Without balance you fall.

So as people may know i do watch a couple shows, once i finish a series i try find a new one and at the moment im hooked on a show called"Parenthood". Its great! i guess i started watching it bcoz it has Lauren Graham in it and as most people know she was Loralai in "GILMORE GIRLS" which i absolutely LOVE LOL Its just about a 4 siblings who all have different lives and family situations. Adam, the successful business owner with a wife at home...a Daughter who is rebelling at 15 and a son who as aspergers, i dont know how many times ive cried at the struggle theyve had with max who as Aspergers (lol im a softy). Sarah who married a drug/alcoholic and had to kids...a daughter who is a rebel and a shy son, they ahd to move back to her parents house because she couldnt afford anything. Crosby (my fav haha) he is a studio recordest who is fun, vibrant and only found out he has a 5 yr old son. And Julia who is a sucessful career woman who works while her husband is the stay at home dad. I guess the movie we watched reminded me of Julie from Parenthood a lil. Shes trying to juggle the career and the family but struggles a bit. But uno even tho the movie and the tv show is really not could be! im sure whats happening with these families are happening to someone around the world.
I guess the movie inspired me a lil and im kinda probably not even making any sense but ahhhh welll what are blogs for?? haha LOL  Anyways im gonna enjoy the rest of my coffee and help prep for the lovely Sunday Roast my parents are cooking.

Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday



  1. HELLO and WELCOME back to blogging!. Glad to see you around!

    Lovely post Claudia. I used to watch Parenthood (back when it was first screening on tv, session one maybe?). So I definitely know who and what your talking about. Its a great show. Shows that yes in the real world there are many types of families etc.

    I like the point you made about balance. I think its something we all tend to forget sometimes.

    Hope the roast was yumm!. Keep up the blogging!. J

  2. THANK YOU JOAN :):)

    yeh im back again haha lets see how long i last :)yeh its on tuesdays at 9.30pm on channel 7 it was a couble last night :) haha did u know cristina and adam had another baby???

    anyways yes balance is so important! everyone needs it. Thanks for dropping by :) xx