Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 1: Deactivation

DAY 1: Deactivation


So last night i had enough! i had enough of the chocolate i was eating when i was "supposed to be on a diet". I had enough of friends, i had enough of family, had enough of myself. So this morning i woke up, came to work checked out facebook and

Deactivated It.

Why? Well it really takes up all my time haha plus i wanted to escape a lil bit from certain people! and uno its such a distraction! it probs wont last long but i was proud of myself to just do it! haha my husband thought i wouldnt do it! and then when i did he was like "you wont last a day". Challenge Accepted! 4.40hrs and counting!

I feel empty, which is so sad but uno what? as i sit here eating my "healthy" bean and tuna salad! I will have no excuse when i get home to run downstairs to my gym and do something! and while im at it, hide the chocolate all the wonderful people gave me for my birthday! haha im not happy with myself, i feel as if im falling down a very long and dark hole to "unhealthiness" and not fitting into clothes, refusing to go shopping for new ones bcoz u break down crying at "the size you have to buy now", refusing to meet up with people bcoz ur thinking about what they think of u
...enoughs enough CLAUDIA HANSEN! ENOUGH! stop making excuses...its low! and stupid! you wont go anywhere if you dont take a step.

So goodbye Facebook for a day or so hahaha! bring on super duper slim, healthy, determined and happy claudia.

i miss you


  1. Nice post Claudia.

    Well if its any comfort at all. My own get fit routine isn't proving to be as easy as I had hoped. I hate some yummy chocolate last night and it was belgium too!. Hehehe.

    But I am determined to restart today. Glad to hear you are also feeling this 'health' buzz.

    I wont be able to text you. But I will keep in touch via blogger and email.

    Oh and good luck with your FB deactivation. I'm sure you will return once you feel the time is right.

    :) Off to go some walking on my t.mill I go..

  2. hi Joan :)
    i think the beginning is always the hardest! unobserved your doing something new! But im sure we will bother get into the swing of things soon :):) i think im gonna go on my mums treadmill tonight lol

    anyways as always thanks for stopping by :) and lol @ Belgium chocolate! you should try the real chocolate in Belgium itself...to die for *drools* lol ciao xxx