Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Life Quote

Quote of the day: "When the world says Give Up, Hope whispers, Try one more time."


Dear BLOGinatorz,

Thought i would fill you in with the "WHATZ HAPPENING IN CLAUDZ LIFE LATELY."

im going to start with

yupp one less debt to worry about:) thank you TAXman! ahhh i cannot explain the relief/weight off my shoulders/HAPPINESS im feeling right now! it feels FANTASTIC!! im not a fan of credit cards but we did have a purpose in getting one (we actually have two LOL) BUT its SOLEY for furniture and stuff we bought for around the house! i am not one of those girls who wastes INCREDIABLE amounts of money on shoes, handbags and shit! not my thing...alot of guys have told me...thats why im married haha bcoz William doesnt have to worry about his wife spending money on shopping, to be honest with you im not a big fan on shopping (SHOCK HORROR)...and i can safely say my wonderful Husband spends more money than me (LOL). But for as long as i can remember i never was really a girly girl kind of person, sure i love getting dressed up and putting my make up on, but shopping endlessly spendings 100's on shoes...yeh NOT ME! i guess im like my dad in that way, im a saver not a spender!

Now for people who know me or have seen photos of me with my family, there is know lie...i look JUST LIKE MY (beautiful, wonderful) MUM, who i miss dearly! why i miss her? well shes been overseas in Portugal for the last 5 weeks and she comes back next friday.(so jealous!) Anyways back to the subject, i look like my mum but i have the personality and attitude like my dad. As for my lil brother he looks pretty similar to my dad when he was younger but is in EVERY WAY like my mum. Why im mentioning this, well im not sure to be honest haha im kind of just typing and going with the flow...i guess what im trying to say is that, there is a reason why i like to save...bcoz im like my dad! and yep my brother is like my mum, spends money on stuff he really doesnt need! see i really see no logic in spending money on something im only going to use once or a few times! for eg. My brother bought a PSP when he already had everything else he used it once and never touched in again.... i really think about something before i buy it!
 Now back to the orginal topic, credit cards...i hate credit cards! (unless they are 50 months interest free, what a LIFESAVER! lol) Just a word of advice only get one if there is an actual reason and you know youll be on top of it, ive heard so many stories about peoples lives being RUINED because of a credit think maturely, if you dont need one...dont get one?!

Moving on...

So my hubby and i have a kind of weird home arrangement...we own part of a house with his mum and sister (suggestion to everyone never buy a house with family!!!) and we cant get out of it! which is very stressful and i guess disapointing, and people just dont understand our situation! and i wouldnt be surprised if this situation is the reason i get annoyed so easily! its our house but its not our HOME..i dont know if that makes sense but a home to me is a sancuary where its yours and your happy to be there.....atm im in a house and the reason im here is well because we have to be! Plus you know when your get married you just want to be on your own and start a new journey by ourselves! we are physically stuck here! stupid economy!!!!! its way to hard to explain why we are stuck here but in simple form...its a buyers market, not a sellers and if we sell we loose 20k and owe the bank 20k soo yeh not gonna happen :( boo!

 We have come along way though, we originally lived in the shed at the back, it was a small shed that was a bedroom, loung eroom, study and kitchen in word: HORRIBAL! (probably being overdramatic haha)....then wills sister moved out so we moved up in the world...we got a room inside the actual house YAY lol...and now (bcoz of my wonderful mum in law :) ) we now have upstairs to i guess its a major improvement and kind of is like a little apartment! :)

All in all, william gets me through each and every day with just that one sentence..."everything will be ok?" hearing him say that to me is very comforting and soothing. I could not live my life without him..he is my everything!

Anywayss i think todays blog is just a big "BLAHHH" im letting things out! and it feels nice too!

untill next time kidz
<3 Claudia


  1. incredible blog!. love your honest truth. and humor of course!. very fresh outlook. really interesting and engaging to read!. can you please write more blogs like this!. because I'm absolutely hooked (line and sinker!). definite winner blogging material! i love it when other bloggers out there speak (write) with honesty and truth. that kind of blogging style really appeals to me and thus is why i too try to incorporate it into my blog as well. i have just learn't soo much about you and i must say its been fun!. i too am a saver!.

  2. oh and yes YAY! for paying off the credit card too!.

  3. p.s: choc chip cookie dough? (name of title post) did you celebrate your paying off the credit card with cookies? YAY!

  4. ill try my very hardest to write blogs like this :) haha! yay for being savers!!! twins much? :) and as for Choc Chip Cookie i didnt :( i felt like it at that moment i was thinking of a blog title haha so i made it my blog title, totally irrelivent to the post! :) ps: i had a chocolate bar for brekkie hahaha!

  5. got your text!. must say i've never had one of those before! but it sure sounded yummy! oohh sooo yummy!. but i wont think about any more sweet things because i too am starting to feel abit guilty for all the sweets i've been eating lately. :( i think my partner is trying to teach me what the concept of moderation is.. hahaha!.