Wednesday, 20 July 2011

diet schmiet!

ahh the word i hate

Yep DIET or DIETING or "healthy eating" pretty sure everyones tried it, i can safely say im kind of "always on a diet" haha! I really should buckle down and loose those KGs but i always find myself saying "ill start on monday!" kinda over it to be just letting you know as of tonight (because im at work :P) im gonna actually act like im on a diet! and stick to it! BUT one thing i hate is the word DIET! its just so negative and annoying! so to keep myself motivated:

As of tonight im on a smaller portions per meal plan with a hell of alot of Cross Trainer workouts :)

and if i want something naughty, im just going to do it! lol In my opinion what i think makes people sidetracked from "dieting" is the whole..."you cant have what you want" when you have the opportunity to have a block of chocolate you do end up eating the whole lot! but if i "ALLOW" myself to have something once and a while and not feel bad...i think dieting might work!

Lets see how long this will last shall we? haha

I have dieted before though! so i do have that frame in mind deep down in me that i can actually do this...See i think im actually not BUILT to be skuinny, and to be honest im happy with that! i dont want to be skinny...i like curves! it makes me feel like a woman...but dang i think i haveabit to many curves atm if you know what i mean?? hahaha...anyways the first time i "dieted" was in high school i lost like 20kgs for my formal and then last yr i lost 12 KGs in 5 weeks, leading up to my (amazing,spectacular,beautiful) WEDDING :) i know right?? im such a trooper! Now since im turning 21 in a few months and have a couple weddings to going to do it again! im going to WOW people! Plus i love that feeling when you now you have lost weight and everyone they are all like "WOW you look amazing, youve lost weight" and you answer back "eww no i havent" but deep down your all like "ohhhhh yeh people notice!" hahaha i live for that...

so bring on DIETING! but unfortunetly i may have to wait till i get back from campin LMFAO chocolates, eating all day bcoz your bored and who could forget....Marshmellows over a fire and im also going to try SCHMORES?? if thats how u spell it...chocolate coated biscuits with a melted marshemellow in between...ohh yes! :(

DARN-IT! this will be harder than i thought baha

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  1. note to self: i need to do the same thing!. kind of been on a happy buzz since i officially passed all my subjects at uni and completed my studies.. but its all starting to catchup with me!. things are a bit tighter than usual.. hehhe. so i too will be on a bit of a reduced meal plan. hahaha hope camping goes well!. blog about it when you get back!. have fun!. j