Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mi Vida Loca

my crazy life

Mi Vida Loca.
Meaning: My Crazy Life

YES! my crazy life. I sometimes feel as my life is out control and that i have no TIME FOR ANYTHING! I work, i sleep, i work again, i sleep. Probably sounds quite familiar right ?everyones life seems like that these days! aghhhhh! *rips hair out* lol I guess the only thing that keeps me sane is that i have a wonderful Husband who is waiting for me at home. I find myself very lucky, not many people my age (20 turning 21) are happily married with a home loan and a car loan...dont ask me how we do it but we do it alright, even if it means i work 6 days a week to do it lol

Now the other day i was reading my wonderful friend Joan's blog and she was talking about how people judge her for being a young mum. I know its totally differemt but it reminded me when i first got engaged, i rememeber being asked "why would u get married, your so young?" or "As if, your still so young, go PARTY" or "Your still a child", yepp i was judged for getting married young... I remember just thinking why the FUDGE do you even care? see i look at it this way, when you find that person you know DEEP DOWN you will grow old with, never ever seize the opportunity. Im just lucky enough to have found a guy who wanted to get married :) plus the moment my family met William, they pretty much loved him more than me haha

My Husband (still fresh so i love saying it haha) William and I met on RSVP...yes RSVP dating online hahaha! it makes us laugh too, dont ask me why i joined, i was only 17 and right out of High School, but i guess i did it to see all the cute guys in Brisbane :P On there you send people what they call 'KISSES'....its when a woman 'Virtual Kisses' someone and if the guy likes you they pay to email you back haha. You guessed it William paid to talk to me :P...after 3-4 months of talking on MSN and many "Wana go out?" from him...i finally took the opportunity and did it. Obviously i didnt go alone (he could of been a stalker/murderer/crazy man) i was ment to go with 3 of my friends but one bailed...and the 2 left were a couple so MAJOR AWKWARDness on my behalf, so i invited him to tag along...from that day onwards we have been inseparable ever since...
3.5 yrs together
almost a yr married

yepp I am a firm believer of....
Love At First Site

That moment you say "I DO" and have your first kiss as HUSBAND and WIFE...its probably the best moment in a couples life...i know it was for me..bcoz it was the start of a journey to our new life together.

"Our Moment"

No matter what age your are, if your in love .... Why the hell NOT! Marry Them! Never seize the opportunity. Many people told me the reason people judged me on being so young is because they're jealous, and you know they probably are, but no1 has the right to judge you on a decision you make on YOUR life. You are the Pilot of Your Life...and if your lucky enough you can find a sexy Co-Pilot like i have:P

anyways enough of my love filled blog, until next time.
ze CLAUDiNatorrr

PS:  thank you to my one and only follower for taking the time to read this haha


  1. thank you sooo much for sharing your story. i found it so moving and touching. i have tears of joy. & thats no lie. its soo refreshing to read your story to know that i've got this little window opening to your life and the ones you love. its been such a privilege just being your friend so this means alot. i really loved your humor throughout the blog post, it shows such a playful side of you that i am beginning to get to know more and more of as the days pass and we continue to blog and fb. but above all else i think the thing that touched me, that moved me the most was the fact that you were so open about it, in a kind of matter of fact way. i like that quality about you. you don't make excuses or feel sorry for yourself, you say it like it is and people who have an issue with it can 'kiss your ass' he he he. i think thats another great quality about you. ok im writing a novel here. he he he. loved the blog post.! xo j

  2. Thank you for taking the time out of your life to read my story, its definetly a unique one! lol :) haha i love your novels! most of the time im the one who writes the novels haha...but i really do appreciate you readin my blog :) its nice to know someone out there is actually interested, i dont have many people who would take the time to read something about my life! Your definetly a true definition of a friend! And anyone who has you in their life are truly blessed <3 xxx