Sunday, 17 July 2011


A quick question for you all...

What does it mean when you start questioning friendships?

Am i the problem? or am i just having one of those off months where everyone and everything annoys me...



  1. I think it (could possibly mean) : you might be questioning the friendship because you have started to notice something different (in that person) that you haven't noticed (until now). if that makes any sense.. i can say that i've been in the same boat. there was this friend, but in the end.. things just didn't work out. time had passed & she had changed, i had changed. it just seemed like we didn't 'gel' any more. i think i finally had enough and just gave up on 'trying to make it work' so to speak. it felt like i had lost a good friend, but in the end i realised that she wasn't really the same person (from the past) so in reality i was just missing the person she used to be. so i gave myself a reality check and decided to move on, to put it in the past and just keep on living. hope that helps. ? p.s: hope you are having a good start to your week!. just keeping quiet over on my page (having a mini break from blogging). talk soon. j

  2. oh and no you are not the problem. well at least i don't think you are :O

  3. :O i hope not hahaha im just having an off day, just over people lol have a good week :)